How Long Do Trees Live in Salt Lake City?

Trees are some of the longest-living organisms on earth, with many specimens living over 1,000 years. Trees in your backyard probably won’t live that long, but they can easily last a few generations of your family. With that in mind, the team at Green Pointe Tree Care is here to answer the question: how long do trees live?

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How Many Years Do Trees Live?

It depends on the specific species, but the average tree lifespan is anywhere between a few dozen years and a few hundred years. Tree longevity matters because you need to plan for long-term growth and care when you plant a tree. In that sense, planting a tree on your property is a long-term project and investment that can easily pass down to your children, grandchildren, and beyond. 

As a fun fact, the most long-lived species of trees in the world are bristlecone pines, some specimens of which are over 5,000 years old!

Factors that Affect Tree Lifespan

Generally, a tree’s species dictates how long trees live. However, various environmental factors can drastically affect tree life expectancy. 


Tree roots can grow up to six feet deep and extend from the base of trees for tens of feet. A major concern when planting trees is ensuring they have enough space to take root and grow. Planting trees without proper space can stunt their growth and cause conditions like girdled roots. 

Watering Practices

Overwatering or not watering enough are two major causes of stunted tree growth. Too little, and it can’t grow. Too much, and you can actually suffocate your tree roots. 

Soil Composition

Nutrient-rich soil is the best to ensure your tree grows healthy and large. Some trees, such as palm trees, require a specific soil composition to grow, which may be hard to achieve in the local climate. 

Tree Maintenance

Pruning and removing dead branches and leaves is essential for long-lived trees. Dead branches and leaves crowd the canopy, stealing valuable sunlight from healthy tree parts. 

Pests & Disease

Pests and diseases can infect all parts of tree anatomy, including the leaves, branches, trunk, and roots. If they don’t outright kill the tree, pests and diseases can make it much less resilient and significantly shorten its lifespan. 

Increasing Your Trees’ Lifespans

The key to maximizing the duration of tree life is regular tree maintenance, which includes pruning, soil treatments, anti-fungal treatments, and mulching your yard. The better you care for your trees, the longer they will live and the fewer problems they will encounter. 

Essential Tree Care for Salt Lake City Homeowners

So, if you are wondering how long do trees live, the answer is it depends on the kind of care and maintenance they receive. If you need tree services or tree planting in Salt Lake City, UT, contact Green Pointe Tree Care online or call today at (801) 608-6781 to schedule an appointment!

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