Can You Plant Another Tree in the Same Spot in Salt Lake City?

After removing a tree from your yard, you notice the spot looks bare. Perhaps the tree had sentimental value and you want to fill the void left behind. Can you plant another tree in the same spot?  

As top-notch arborists Salt Lake City residents rely on, the Green Pointe Tree Care crew explores the possibility of same spot tree planting.  

can you plant another tree in the same spot

Can You Replant a Tree in the Same Spot?  

While possible, replanting a tree in the same spot after removal presents a fair share of challenges. Tree care experts recommend a new site because:  

  • The removed tree probably stripped the soil of many essential nutrients young trees need for growth and development.  
  • Sawdust from tree removal and stump grinding can change a soil’s nutrient balance and affect the growth of future plants.  
  • The presence of old tree roots may restrict a young tree’s growth space.  
  • If a disease prompted the old tree’s removal, the pathogen could persist in the soil.  

Considerations When Using The Old Planting Site  

Tree replacement or replanting a tree in the same spot requires some extra effort. You’ll need to choose your sapling carefully. If you had to remove the old tree because of disease, choose a species immune to that specific pathogen.  

Can you plant another tree in the same spot? Indeed, but consider a native species well suited to the local climate and soil conditions. For recommendations, check with your local arborist or agricultural extension office.  

Tips to Kickstart Your New Sapling’s Growth  

The removed tree’s roots will need some time to decompose. So, if you can, wait about a year before replanting trees.  

Before planting trees after removal, get rid of all the old plant material including roots, and prepare the site to look new.  

Remove all sawdust from the hole and remove as many tree roots as possible. This helps to prevent potential issues and facilitate tree regeneration.  

Once the site is ready for tree reforestation, dig a hole about twice the size of the sapling, then set the sapling in place. Fill the hole with good-quality topsoil. If you use mulch or compost, remember to leave a few inches of space around the trunk.  

Consider planting your sapling in the fall to give the tree ample time to establish a healthy root system before summer.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

Can you plant another tree in the same spot? Yes, though it could pose some challenges. Turn to Green Pointe Tree Care for expert advice.  

Our certified arborists do every job with the highest expertise and professionalism. Elevate your landscape with the following tree healthcare services:  

  • Tree planting  
  • Insect and disease control  
  • Tree injections  
  • Tree fertilization  

Are you wondering, “How long do trees live?” We can offer expert insights on tree lifespans and care.  

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