How To Brace a Large Leaning Tree in Salt Lake City, UT

If you need a large leaning tree braced, Salt Lake City’s leading tree services contractor can do the job for you.

But maybe you prefer to get hands-on. If so, here’s how to brace a large leaning tree.

Steps To Brace a Large Leaning Tree

The following steps explain how to perform this tremendous task. Follow them precisely. Gather these supplies before doing anything:

  • 2-3 stakes
  • A mallet
  • Measuring tools
  • Straps for large trees 
  • Other people to help maneuver the tree.

Determine Why the Tree Leans

Fix the underlying cause of the lean first. Otherwise, the tree will lean again. Common causes of tree leaning include:

  • Poor planting techniques
  • Unstable soil
  • Roots failing to extend from the root ball
  • Strong winds 
  • Other storm damage.

Brace in the Spring or Summer If Possible

Spring or summer provides the best soil conditions. The soil is moist during these times. Outside of that time frame, saturate the ground with water. 

Position the Stakes

Understanding how to brace a large leaning tree requires a high level of precision.

Position two or three stakes around the tree to protect it. Place them at a 45-degree angle. Use a mallet to drive the stakes exactly 18 inches into the ground.

Place the Tree in Position

The moist ground moves the roots. This helps straighten the tree. The size of the tree means more than one person may need to help you move it.

Anchor the Tree

Use a proper strap instead of wire to anchor the tree. However, push a wire through the strap holes, then tie it to a stake. It’s okay to anchor a small tree with nylon or other materials.

Other materials that won’t hurt the bark include:

  • Burlap
  • Canvas
  • Garden hose
  • Specialist straps.

Position the Ropes Low

Positioning the ropes low allows the tree top to sway while stabilizing the tree trunk. Aim for right under the first set of branches and tie the ropes tightly. Give the trunk a little wiggle room.

Stabilize the Tree

Next, let the tree stabilize. This usually takes a year. At least let the support remain in place for a season.

During that time, make sure the tree maintains the proper support and flexibility.

Professional Tree Services Improve Your Trees

Tree bracing improves the health and safety of a tree. However, you now see there’s no easy answer to, “How to brace a large leaning tree?” 

Bracing a tree requires precision and knowledge. The physical toil adds up. That’s why there’s one more key element of how to brace a large tree: Let Green Pointe Tree Care do the job for you.

The process requires stringent safety measures and specialized knowledge. The work usually overwhelms DIYers. To get the best results in Salt Lake City, work with Green Pointe Tree Care. Book an appointment to discuss ways to stunt tree growth and other tree concerns.

Contact Green Pointe Tree Care at 801-608-6781 to learn more.

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