How To Deal With Spruce Ips Beetles in Salt Lake City, UT

The spruce ips beetle risk is high in our area, so you probably want to know how to deal with them.

The following tips come from a premier tree care company offering tree insect & disease control in Salt Lake City, UT. These tips provide a measure of protection against the spruce ips beetle. They explain what drives spruce ips beetles to attack spruce trees, what attracts them to the tree, and how to fight them.

What Are Ips Beetles and Why Are They Such a Pest?

Ips beetles exist to eat and reproduce via spruce trees. They move from spruce to spruce, devastating vast areas in the relentless pursuit of phloem, a vascular plant tissue. The spruce ips beetle loves phloem and searches voraciously for it.

When an ips beetle swarm invades a spruce tree, it prevents the tree’s phloem flow. That destroys the tree.

You may also see ips beetles referred to as engraver beetles. This is because they engrave or dig trenches, nesting under bark crevices. 

Knowledge and prevention are the keys to defeating the spruce ips beetle’s killing of spruces. 

Engraver Beetles Avoid Healthy Trees

The ips spruce beetle looks for decaying trees, or trees that have been recently cut. This is one reason you need to avoid DIY tree-trimming projects. If you work with a professional tree service when it is time to trim trees, your tree will heal properly.

Professional tree pruning involves removing the discarded foliage, which is a must because decaying leaves and branches draw these creatures to a tree.

Healthy trees require:

  • Correct watering procedures
  • Proper fertilization
  • A spraying program
  • Getting rid of wood stumps in the yard
  • Getting rid of fallen limbs and leaves

You don’t want to let your tree become weak or turn into a place where bugs can use tree debris on the ground to eat. That is essentially the same as running a free motel for bugs that only want to destroy each spruce in your yard.

You need a professional tree service to stop the mayhem.

You might think you know how to water a tree, but professionals understand a tree’s moisture needs during droughts and other times of the year. A proper water schedule keeps trees healthy.

A professional can properly discard wood and leaves, whereas many homeowners leave them behind thinking they are natural and won’t cause harm.

In the case of the spruce ips beetle, nothing could be further from the truth.

A professional tree service knows how to identify multiple species of ips. They each require different measures of control. Simplify your life by calling in the experts.

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The professional approach will always be the most effective way to demolish the destructive spruce ips beetle. Green Pointe Tree Care successfully prevents these swarms and performs other services like tree planting in Salt Lake City, UT. Let a professional arborist handle all your tree care to save time, money, and the trees themselves.

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