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Green Pointe Tree Care is locally owned and operated and has been serving Utah for over 30 years!

Unlike many of our competitors who view customers as just another job, we view ourselves as unique because we care and consider not only each customer that is an extension of our family, but we value your trees, shrubs, plants, & grass as an extension of the homeowner or business owner. 

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

We are fully licensed, certified, registered, insured, and our references are available upon request.

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Pest Control in Holladay, Utah

For insect and pest control services in Holladay, call on the experts at Green Pointe Tree Care.

In Holladay and the surrounding communities, our plants are at risk from various pests, including insects and rodents. If you have started to notice a change in the health or appearance of your trees or shrubs, an infestation could be the problem. Knowing how to deal with these problems – or even being able to identify the specific source of the issue – can be difficult. That’s where the professional team at Green Point Tree Care comes in.

We have more than 30 years of direct experience in northern Utah. As ISA-certified arborists, we have a depth of knowledge that’s difficult to find in the industry and the decades of experience it takes to troubleshoot pest infestations and determine the right approach to treatment.

Ant & Pest Control in Holladayarborist injecting a tree

Ant infestations are troublesome and can pose a danger to food storage as well as your sanity. We can handle any ant problem quickly, safely, and effectively. If you notice a problem, all it takes is one call to the Green Pointe team and we’ll be on the job. 

Besides ants, insects can cause problems in and around your yard and landscaping. We can identify your specific insect problem and devise the appropriate treatment for eradication.

We also offer comprehensive spider pest control in Holladay, Utah, and earwig pest control in Holladay. If it crawls or flies and it’s plaguing your home, garden, or landscaping, we have the expertise to get the problem under control.

Rodent Extermination in Holladay

 Unfortunately, getting rid of rodents can be challenging. Rodents can cause extensive damage to your plants, trees and shrubs and structure of your home. Their presence also poses a potential health risk for people and pets. The good news is that Green Pointe Tree Care knows precisely how to deal with these pests.

Call us if you need assistance with gopher removal in Holladay or with mice, rats, or any other type of rodent.

Full-Service Pest and Insect Control in Holladaywinter tree pests spraying

It is essential to realize that not all insects are harmful and many bugs benefit your plants and the environment. We take careful steps to ensure that our pest and insect control efforts effectively eliminate unwanted insects and pests while preserving the habitat of the beneficial species. All of our treatments are safe for people, pets, and the environment. 

Contact us today if you suspect a pest problem at your home or business. We will work closely with you to identify the source of the problem and quickly get it under control. We look forward to being your pest control experts in Holladay, Utah.

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