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To protect the value of your property in Cottonwood Heights, you want to keep your trees, shrubs and plants healthy and beautiful. Green Pointe Tree Care is your partner in this endeavor. Our ISA certified arborists provide tree spraying, tree fertilization, tree disease treatment and horticulture services throughout Cottonwood Heights.

Tree Disease Control

Mature trees are a valuable addition to your property, and they aren’t easily or quickly replaced. That’s why it’s important to protect the trees you have, and to call Green Pointe Tree Care at the first sign of tree disease.

Tree disease can be the result of a fungal or bacterial infection, air pollution, drought or other environmental factors. It’s best not to guess what’s wrong with your tree and how to treat it. Call a professional ISA certified arborist for help with tree disease in Cottonwood Heights before your tree is too far gone to be helped.

Insect Control

Insects can kill a tree quicker than you may imagine. Being overwhelmed with insects puts great stress on a tree and makes it vulnerable to other problems. The ISA certified arborists at Green Pointe Tree Care often use tree spraying to quickly bring an insect infestation under control and save a tree.

Call us if you notice your tree is infested with insects. However, an insect infestation is not always apparent or easy to spot, so call us if you notice anything wrong with your tree. Our trained experts will determine the problem and find a solution.

Trunk & Soil Injection

Many issues with trees can be solved with trunk and soil injection. It is not always necessary — or even advisable — to spray trees.

In fact, our arborists believe that tree spraying in Cottonwood Heights is often overkill. We believe it is better to determine the specific issue the tree is battling and treat it. This can often be done through trunk and soil injection.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

One of the best ways to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and strong enough to fight off tree disease and insect infestations is through fertilization. But fertilization isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our ISA certified arborists formulate specific fertilizer blends for individual breeds of trees that consider what the tree needs.

For instance, an elm tree suffering from drought would receive a different fertilizer combination than one that has been overwatered. Relatively healthy maples and firs would also get different fertilizers. Knowing which components to add in the correct proportions is part of our job.

Horticulture Services

To improve your Cottonwood Heights property and make it as beautiful as it can be, talk to our arborists about our horticulture services. We can design a garden for you that makes your landscaping the envy of the neighborhood.

For the best in horticulture services, tree disease treatment, tree spraying and fertilizing, trust the experienced and knowledgeable ISA certified arborists at Green Pointe Tree Care.

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