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Keeping your Holladay property looking nice is a big job. It can be a challenge when you’re busy, but you need to protect your investment. One of the best ways to do this is with services from Green Pointe Tree Care. We provide tree spraying to protect your trees from insects and tree disease, fertilization and horticulture services.

Trunk & Soil Injection

Today, many problems with trees can be corrected through trunk and soil injection versus tree spraying in Holladay. At Green Pointe Tree Care, we think tree spraying is an overused, inefficient solution to problems with your trees.

Our ISA certified arborists in Holladay diagnose the problems with your trees — whether it’s fungus, bacteria or another problem — and first treat it at the source — the roots.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Too many novice gardeners think they are helping their trees and other plants by fertilizing them with a bag of Vigaro they got at a big box store. The truth is, trees and other plants need different kinds and levels of fertilizer.

Trust your tree and shrub fertilization to the ISA certified arborists at Green Pointe Tree Care.

Insect Control

An insect infestation is an emergency. We use tree spraying to quickly and effectively kill the insects that are threatening your trees.

If you see insects on your trees, call our ISA certified arborists right away. But not all insects are noticeable to untrained homeowners, so call us whenever you notice anything amiss with your trees. We’ll figure out the problem and treat it to give your trees the best chance at recovery.

Tree Disease Control

Tree disease is a leading cause of tree death and removal. Did you know that fungi, bacteria, drought and even air pollution can cause tree disease in Holladay? Call our ISA certified arborists at the first sign of tree disease so we can address the issue early, before it’s too late.

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Horticulture Services

We love protecting trees and shrubs and keeping them healthy, but we also love making yards in Holladay beautiful with flowering plants and healthy, green grass.

Before we create a plan for your yard, we talk to you about your wishes and expectations. Do you plan to dedicate many hours per week to your horticulture hobby? Or do you prefer we do the work and you do the watering? The answers to questions like these help us choose the plants that are right for you.

Make Friends with an Arborist in Holladay

At Green Pointe Tree Care, we are not just arborists, but ISA certified arborists. ISA stands for the International Society of Arborists, and it is necessary to demonstrate deep knowledge of tree disease and tree care in order to become certified and to maintain that certification.

You can trust our experience and expertise in tree and plant care to help you keep your property looking healthy and beautiful. For help with tree spraying, tree disease and horticulture services in Holladay, call Green Pointe Tree Care today.

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