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tree spraying

Trunk & Soil Injection

New soil and trunk injection systemics reach the roots and tree from the inside out.

tree and shrub fertilization

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Sometimes it could take years to see the signs of distress, but by the time they show up it’s often too late to save the tree.

black insect

Insect Control

Seeing telltale signs of an insect infestation, or just signs that the trees and shrubs are sick?

Tree Disease Control

Disease Control

Accurate diagnosis is essential to avoid wasted time and effort trying to treat your trees for the wrong problem.

tree and shrub fertilization


Horticulture and gardening go way beyond just pulling weeds and planting flowers. If you don’t know where to start, hiring a professional horticulturist is a great option on what plants and flowers grow in various climates.

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ISA Certified Arborist in Salt Lake City, Utahpicture of Gardner

If you need a professional, certified arborist in Salt Lake City, Utah, look no further than the experts at Green Pointe Tree Care.

We are ISA-certified arborists, but we also offer a wide range of related services to enhance the health, beauty, and livability of your home. We specialize in shrub and tree care – including tree spraying, fertilization, and disease treatment – to keep your landscape thriving. In addition, we offer a full range of insect and pest control services and comprehensive horticulture services.

We assist residential and commercial customers in the metropolitan Salt Lake City area and throughout northern Utah, including Holladay and Cottonwood Heights.

Tree Spraying in Salt Lake City, Utah

Tree spraying services are critical for treating a variety of issues, including diseases and infestations. This term describes a general approach for treatment. However, we take great care to determine the specific reason for your challenges – whatever those might be – and design the appropriate approach to treatment.

Closely associated with tree spraying are our other service offerings. Trunk and soil injection can be used to treat a variety of conditions, allowing those treatments to reach the inside of the tree quickly and effectively. Tree and shrub fertilization provides your trees and plants with the necessary nutrients they need to stay healthy and vibrant year after year. Disease control is one of the most important services that we offer, allowing us to control tree disease and restore the health of the tree.

Insect & Pest Control in Salt Lake City, Utahwinter tree pests spraying

Trust Green Pointe Tree Care for full service pest and insect control in Salt Lake City, Utah. Pests and insects can decimate your landscape, causing sickness and even death to established trees, shrubs and plants.

We can assist with pest control for rodents, including gopher removal as well as rats, mice, voles and any other type of rodent that might be plaguing your outdoor spaces. Our treatments are based on cutting-edge technology that is proven both safe and highly effective.

Our team also provides comprehensive treatment for ants, earwigs and all other types of insects. We also provide spider treatment specifically for all the local species of spiders that we most commonly face.

Often, pest infestation is the cause of sick or dying trees and shrubs. This can be true even if you don’t see specific indication of insects or other pests. Trust us to evaluate and identify your problems, and then design the appropriate treatments to deal with those.

Salt Lake City Horticulture Services

Our professional horticulturists provide various services, all tailored specifically to our northern Utah climate, soils, and environmental conditions. We customize our services to your needs and objectives, whatever those might be. Our team consults with each customer to learn about their goals, then works to design a plan helping them reach those goals. This ranges from plant recommendations to incorporating them into the landscape and helping care for the trees, shrubs and plants.

Contact us today to speak directly to one of our certified arborists in Salt Lake City or the surrounding communities of northern Utah. We look forward to assisting you with your plant and tree care needs.

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