Tree Disease Control In Salt Lake City, Utah

Most people have very little knowledge of the diseases and abnormalities that can affect a tree and how to prevent them. The key to treating a tree for the disease is first to identify what is causing the problem, then create a plan to effectively eliminate the disease-causing agent and restore the tree to health. Accurate diagnosis at the beginning is essential to avoid wasted time and effort trying to treat your trees for the wrong problem.

The Most Common Diseases Are Caused By:

Our tree experts also have all the necessary equipment and training to safely inspect and prune trees if they are impacted by disease and need to be trimmed to improve health or remove unsightly dead branches. We also have all the necessary protective gear to prevent injuries during tree care and trimming activities.

Why Training & Experience Matter

If you’re a casual gardener or homeowner with trees you probably don’t spend a lot of time researching and identifying common tree diseases, which puts you at a disadvantage when you need to diagnose a problem and treat it. Many people can miss the early signs of a problem, allowing the disease to grow and fester inside the tree for weeks, months, or even years. By the time you do realize there is an issue, it could be too late to save your tree. Green Pointe Tree Care’s arborists are experienced professionals who understand tree care and maintenance, and can also spot the signs of a problem so it can be addressed effectively to save your tree whenever possible and avoid the need for tree removal down the road.

It's Critical To Diagnose Tree Diseases Before Its Too Late

The first step when you think your trees might be suffering from disease is to call our professional team for a consultation. We’ll come inspect your trees and provide you with professional recommendations on the best way to treat the disease and spare the tree if possible. Even if you don’t have diseased trees now, call us for a consultation to discuss ongoing maintenance and care that will prevent disease in the future.

Mature trees on any Salt Lake City property are worth many thousands of dollars. It can take 20 years or longer for a tree to reach full maturity, and there is no way to hurry it. A mature tree is valuable because it’s beautiful and it provides coveted shade. For this reason, it’s important to protect the health of your trees by having them inspected by an ISA certified arborist.

bacteria infected tree trunk

What Is Tree Disease?​

Tree disease can take many forms. Your tree may began to start showing bare spots or the foliage may not look healthy. The leaves may be an unusual color or have white or dark spots. Your tree’s trunk may have holes, or dark or sticky spots.

But some diseases are insidious because they can be hard to spot unless you are an ISA certified arborist. That’s why you should get your trees inspected even if you don’t notice signs of disease.

Is It Important to Use an ISA Certified Arborist?

It is important to get your trees trimmed regularly as well to promote their health and growth, and also to get rid of dead wood that may fall and harm a member of your family.

While some companies that perform tree-trimming services have tree care knowledge, they are not always ISA certified arborists. Green Pointe Tree Care has many ISA certified arborists on staff.

Tree Care in Salt Lake City

Your first step in taking care of your trees at your Salt Lake City home or business is to get a baseline inspection by an arborist at Green Pointe Tree Care. At this time, we can determine if any of your trees are at risk for disease and if you need tree spraying to bring them back to health.

Trees can be threatened by pests, bacteria, fungus, environmental factors or other stressors. Spraying controls insects, mites and other pests. However, your tree may be suffering from a different issue, such as not enough water. We will make recommendations if we believe your trees can benefit from fertilization or other services.

The Perils of Neglecting Tree Care

If your trees look healthy, you probably don’t think too much about tree care. But as with your own body, it’s still important to get your trees regular checkups. Especially if you notice something amiss, call Green Pointe Tree Care right away.

If your tree is too far gone for us to save, you will have to have it removed. In Salt Lake City, removing a mature tree with a crane can cost many thousands of dollars. Removing the stump that’s left behind can also cost up to $1,000 if it is especially large.

It will cost more money if you want to replace the tree, and it will take many years to grow. If you plan to sell your home within the next five years, losing a mature tree can impact the value of your property.

Protect Your Trees from Tree Disease in Salt Lake City

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Green Pointe Tree Care today and make an appointment today to have your trees evaluated for tree disease and other problems.

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