It is just so wonderful to have a company that cares for your tree as much as you do!! I have worked with both Codye and Nephi and they have been wonderful to work with. Laurie, that works in the office, is just so charming to work with, too. What a fantastic company!! If you really love your tree or trees, as I do, please use this company. You won't be disappointed!!!
Carol Dehnel
I have two 30 year old Bosnian pine trees, these two trees are a very important aspect of my landscaping. I chose Bosnian pines because they are very slow growing, even with their age they are only about 25 feet high. About two years ago I noticed that there were an excessive amount of dead pine needles. I tried more watering and fertilizer but the next spring they looked worse. Fearing that these two trees were going to die (they looked very bad) I called Green Point tree service. My trees were diagnosed with scale insect, and yes, they were dying! Green Point told me they would be back in the spring to treat the trees with a systemic insecticide. Green Point showed up and treated the soil around the trees and told me to wait for the insecticide to work. They said the scale insects would dry up and flake off in a few months. That is exactly what has happened, my Bosnian pine trees look better than they have in years. It is late May and for the first time in years the trees are putting out new growth. I’m very satisfied with Green Point tree service.
Terry R.
Always good knowledgeable service
Brian G.
Great team to work with!
Keri T.
Great honest communication about diagnosis, treatment, pricing, and scheduling. They used texting an emails.
Theone K.
Green Pointe has been caring for my trees for several years keeping them healthy and thriving. They are very honest and offer treatment that is appropriate for the issue at hand, at very reasonable prices. The office is efficient and helpful from scheduling to invoicing and are very friendly.
Karen D.
Great company to work with! People are professional, knowlegable, and polite. They are on time. Highly recommend them.
pam j.
Thank you for your promptness and professionalism. You sprayed our big oak tree to reduce number of acorns in the fall.
Steve G.
Easy, great communication, gets the job done.
Sara W.
Fungicide treatment for my sycamore trees. On time. Efficient.
Stephen H.
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