Preparing Tree Soil for the Vital Fall Season

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Each season of the year will involve some different concepts when it comes to tree care on your property, and fall is an especially important time. Trees in Utah experience high, dry temperatures all summer that use up many of their nutrients, making one particular area of tree care particularly vital this season: Soil care. 

At Green Pointe Tree Care, we’re happy to provide numerous tree care and arborist services, from tree and shrub fertilization to tree spraying, disease control and more. We assist clients with their important tree care areas throughout the year, including during the fall season where soil care and maintenance are extremely important. Here are some basic tips on ensuring your tree soil is prepared for the upcoming fall season.

Increase Moisture Content

One of the top fall tree soil themes to consider is increasing the moisture present in soil, especially in a dry place like Utah. This will naturally start to occur over the fall season as temperatures drop and rain becomes more prevalent. However, it’s always best to take proactive measures when it comes to moisture content in tree soil. Some trees we encounter at Green Pointe have root problems from lack of moisture that can be prevented through proper watering techniques.

In addition, mulching is one of the best ways to increase moisture in tree soil. In fact, some experts believe that mulching can add 5-10% more water content to a tree’s root system by using fine materials such as wood chips, bark nuggets or sawdust. We can also help with fertilization to help improve the overall condition of your soil ahead of the winter period.

Root Growth Importance

Both root growth and capacity are important factors for fall tree care, and soil quality impacts both these areas. For instance, various fungi may be used in fall to promote root growth and create a healthier root system with more beneficial microorganisms that help trees absorb nutrients.  

Compost Teas

In many cases, your tree soil can benefit significantly from adding compost teas as well. These are simply beneficial, organic microorganisms that work to help your tree increase its root system and absorb various nutrients. You can also create compost teas from your own yard waste and other materials, or you can contact Green Pointe and we’ll be happy to provide them as a professional service.

Prevention of Disease

Lastly, it’s important to ensure your soil is well protected from various plant diseases such as anthracnose, powdery mildew and others. These are major problems for trees in the fall where you’ll often see dying leaves or lack of flowers. We can help provide organic sprays to kill fungus and other damaging components that may harm tree health.

For more on fall tree soil care, or to learn about any of our arborist services, speak to the staff at Green Pointe Tree Care today.

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